Photography of Sascha Benjamin Fink

Sascha Benjamin Fink

Sascha Benjamin Fink is the Juniorprofessor for Neurophilosophy at the Programm for Philosophy–Neuroscience–Cognition at the Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg. His research concentrates on methodological issues of a neuroscience of consciousness where he focuses on the use of first-person reports and phenomenology as well as the nature and structure of phenomenal imagery and the senses.

PPP Contributions

Sascha Benjamin Fink also contributed to Open MIND:


  • Fink, S. Benjamin (forthcoming 2017) Why Care beyond the Square? Classical and Extended Shapes of Oppositions in their Application to “Introspective Disputes”, Logica Universalis.

  • Fink, S. Benjamin (2016) A Deeper Look at the „Neural Correlate of Consciousness“, Frontiers in Psychology, 7(1044).

  • Fink, S. Benjamin (2015) Phenomenal Precision and Some Pitfalls — A Commentary on Ned Block. Also in: T. Metzinger & J. Windt (eds.) Open Mind, MIT Press, p. 213–227.

  • Fink, S. Benjamin (2011) Independence and Connections of Pain and Suffering. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 18 (13-14).