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Regina E. Fabry

Regina E. Fabry is currently research associate in experimental psychology and cognitive science at Justus Liebig University Giessen, Germany. She is co-ordinator of the DFG funded priority program on "New Frameworks of Rationality". She was also co-organizer of the First International Rationality Summer Institute 2016 funded by the VolkswagenStiftung. Her main research interests include predictive processing, enculturation, 4E cognition, reading, and creativity.

PPP Contributions

Regina E. Fabry also contributed to Open MIND:


  • Fabry, R. E. (under review). Betwixt and between: The Enculturated Predictive Processing Approach to Cognition. Synthese.

  • Fabry, R. (under review). Transcending the evidentiary boundary: Prediction error minimization, embodied interaction, and explanatory pluralism. Philosophical Psychology.

  • Fabry, R. E. (2015) Enriching the notion of enculturation: Cognitive integration, predictive processing, and the case of reading acquisition - A commentary on Richard Menary. In T. Metzinger & J. M. Windt (Eds.), Open MIND (pp. 1–23). Frankfurt am Main: MIND Group.

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